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Kansas Suicide Prevention Coalition
2023 Membership Guidelines

The Kansas Suicide Prevention Coalition (KSPC) champions suicide prevention for all Kansans through equitable access to partnerships, advocacy, resources, ideas, and data.

Kansans United to Prevent Suicide

Connect suicide prevention groups, coalitions, organizations, and those with lived mexperience across the state of Kansas in a collaborative effort to make positive change.
Seek to develop systems to support Kansans’ mental, emotional, physical, cultural, and financial well-being to reduce risk for suicide. We strive to accomplish this through eliciting input from diverse sectors.
Equip Kansans to take action on suicide prevention efforts at all levels: policy makers, organizations, professionals, community, family, and individuals.
Advocate for suicide prevention that is inclusive, guided by data, and addresses diverse needs across geographies, races, ethnicities, sexes, gender identities, sexual
orientations, ages, occupations, economics, languages, and education levels.

Terms of Membership
Membership is open to any business, not-for-profit agency, organization or individual who has an interest in preventing suicide in Kansas.
An individual or organization is considered a member in good standing with voting rights, board service, and listing on the coalition roster and public materials when they have both completed
the membership form and are current on payment of assessed dues or agreed upon dues payment plan. Each member, whether corporate, organization, or individual shall have one vote.

At this time, the KSPC dues are as follows:
Individuals- $25
Licensed Professionals- $50
Non Profits- $50
Corporations- $100

Dues should not be a barrier from membership, a complementary membership may be requested from the executive committee.

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